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Exclusive : Seagate Spills Beans On 3TB Mammoth Hard Disk Drive

We managed to get hold of some saucy details about the company's latest and biggest storage device, the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk External Drive.

So here we go; the drive comes with five platters of 600GB each with ten heads. This confirms another report from IBTimes four days ago (opens in new tab). also mentioned that the sector sizes have been increased to 4k bytes of data.

The platters spin at 7200rpm, way faster than the 5900rpm that we saw on some 2TB external hard disk drives on the market. Onboard cache is 64MB, read speeds top 130MBps and write speeds reach 24MBps (that's USB only) . Random read seek time stands at a high 11ms while random write seek time reaches 17ms.

The fact that the the drive spins at 7200rpm and has 64MB cache almost certainly means that it is a yet-to-be-announced Barracuda XT drive, rather than the entreprise-bound Constellation model. As for power consumption, it stands understandably high because of the number of platters.

Average idle power, we found out, stands at 7w while average operating power hovers around 13w, which is 40 percent higher than for the 2TB Baraccuda XT drive. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much more information, especially over acoustics, availability and pricing.

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