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Facebook Adds Face Detection To Photo Tagging

Social networking giant Facebook has updated the Photos feature on the platform, adding face detection technology to the photo tagging feature.

Facebook's Sam Odio wrote on the company blog that majority of Facebook users spent a lot of time tagging uploaded images.

The update is designed to improve the tagging feature by employing the face recognition technology used in digital cameras to recognise the people in users' photos.

Users will now be able to tag photos right from their home screens and anywhere on the website by using the face detection feature.

Facebook said the feature has been created using the Divvyshot technology the company acquired two months ago.

Odio wrote: "People love tagging their friends and family in photos, but we've heard that it can be a tedious process. We're running a limited test of this technology so you may not see it yet."

Facebook has also said that 99 per cent of Facebook users have uploaded at least one photograph to the platform, and that around 100 million photos were uploaded everyday.