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HDBaseT Format Set To Compete With HDMI

A group of high profile consumer electronics giant including the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony, have come together to push a new A/V cable standard called HDBaseT that, they hope, will replace HDMI one day.

Surprisingly, HDBaseT uses standard CAT5e/6 networking cables, which are not only very common and therefore very affordable, but also allows for cable lengths of up to 100m, far more than HDMI, without the need for pesky and expensive repeaters.

As for the killer feature, well, it can transmit up to 100w of power which according to Audioholics, should be enough to drive a 37-inch TV (presumably a LCD model). Since it is based on standard networking cable, The HDBaseT format has enough bandwidth to transmit full HD 1080p, 3D as well as super HD content as well.

And since it is uses modulated packets at a much lower frequency than usual, HDBaseT is immune to electromagnetic interference which you get when you switch on a microwave. This means no signal degradation and in turn, no chances for $200 cables.

Originally known as 5Play, HDBaseT should simplify connectivity between devices that offer increasingly converging functionality. A single cable could be all you need to connect a television, a computer and your gaming console.

The first products are expected to be launched in the second half of 2011 and the second version of HDBaseT is already in the works with video bandwidth available expected to exceed 10.2Gbps, that's significantly more than those Cat6 cables are supposed to support. Now if only HDBaseT was wireless...