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Intel: We're Not Abandoning WiMax

Chip maker Intel has denied suggestions that the company is to abandon the WiMax industry.

The chip giant has been quick to rubbish rumours that began after the company closed its WiMax Program Office in Taiwan.

Writing on the Intel blog, Bill Kircos, Intel spokesperson, wrote: "There is a report out of Taiwan overnight that Intel has shut down its 4G WiMAX Program office and is backing off the standard. This story has sparked a couple of dozen others."

"As usual, these sites rarely name sources. In this case, there is some accurate info, but also some half truths and assumption," he added.

Kircos went on the explain that the company is dedicated to the development of WiMax wireless standards and has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan-based VMAX to expand the WiMax user base on its network, adding that there was no reason for Intel to back off from a market that was expanding at such a fast rate.

The company clarified that it sets up temporary program offices in order to provide support for new technology or products around the world, and that once the process is completed there is no point in the office remaining open.