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iPad Browser Usage Surpass Android

Latest figures by Netmarketshare show that Apple's latest device, the iPad, has managed to overtake both the iPod Touch and the Android platforms in June 2010, a clear indication of the success of the gadget as a browsing environment.

Netmarketshare, which gathers its data from tens of millions of internet users, says that the share of browser usage for the iPad rose from 0.03 per cent in April 2010 to 0.09 per cent one month later and 0.17 per cent in June 2010.

In comparison, the iPod Touch is stagnating at 0.12 per cent and Android at 0.14 per cent. It provides with the definitive proof that iPad users surf the web much more assiduously than Android or iPod Touch users.

More than three million iPad devices were sold in the first 80 days of sale. But that compares poorly with tens of millions of iPod Touch and Android devices already on the market.

Should iPad keep up growing at the same rate as it currently is, it should surpass Symbian by the end of this month and become a serious competitor to the iPhone and Java ME by the beginning of Q4. It could then ultimately become the THIRD biggest platform by browser usage share, behind Windows, Mac and ahead of Linux.