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LG Launches Mobile Phone App Store

LG has launched an online application store aimed not only at smartphone users, but owners of feature phones too.

The newly launched LG Application Store currently has just over 3,000 applications catering to all mobile phones.

The company says the site contains games such as The SIMS 3 and Asphalt 4, as well as SPB Series applications designed for mid to high-end feature phones and smartphones.

LG also plans to bring Android applications to the platform in the near future.

LG claims that as companies have focused on developing applications for smartphones, they have forgotten about feature phones, which still make up a large percentage of the mobile phone market.

More than half of the applications available at the LG Application Store are designed for use on feature phones.

LG has been inspired by a recent report published by research firm Strategy Analysis, stating that 90 per cent of feature phone owners in the US and UK were willing to download games, social networking applications, instant messaging and mapping on their devices.