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Microsoft Instaload simplifies battery insertion

Microsoft has announced a new terminal technology which means that you don't have to worry about which way you insert your batteries.

If you've ever struggled in the dark to replace four AAs in your camera, for example, you'll be keen to see the new technology, which is currently being licensed to third-party gadget makers, appearing in gadgets soon.

The new contact means that cylindrical batteries can be inserted without checking the polarity of the battery and will start to appear soon in battery chargers, cameras, flash units and toys in the next few months. Duracell is said to be one of the companies 'lining up' to embrace the innovation.

“Duracell Smart Power is all about making the lives of consumers easier and more efficient as they depend on battery power for the mobile devices that keep them organized and connected while away from the grid," whiffled Duracell's Dan McCarthy. "After evaluating Microsoft’s Instaload technology, Duracell is excited about the possibilities of incorporating this simplified battery installation technology into future Duracell products, delivering a better experience for our consumers.”

Inserting the batteries incorrectly using traditional fixed polarity contacts can cause damage to the batteries and even the device in some cases, and Microsoft is keen to see the Instaload system installed in devices used by those with hearing, vision or learning disabilities.

So keen in fact that the software giant is allowing anyone using the system in accessibility products to license it without paying royalties.

“Microsoft is pleased to offer a royalty-free license (sic) program (sic) to suppliers and manufacturers for this class of accessibility devices,” said Rusty Jeffress, corporate vice president, Specialized Devices & Applications, Microsoft. “We believe the Instaload feature can make a difference in the lives of those people who need and use these products on a daily basis.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.