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UK Government Seeks Private Sector Advice On E-Crime

The UK's new coalition government is seeking advice from British businesses on how to combat cyber-crime.

According to Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, the Home Office minister for security, the government plans to utilise the expertise of industry experts to develop new e-crime strategies.

While addressing the Homeland and Border Security 2010 conference in London, Baroness Jones stated: "The government traditionally has a role with captains of industry [but] we want SMEs to be in there. Very often SMEs produce innovation that can be turned into a big product or big export, or influence."

She said that small and medium-sized businesses would help to inform the government's cybercrime strategy, and that the government would continue to educate these businesses on the risks.

"People are not conscious of the way in which their intellectual property can be raided. A lot of companies do not know how their IT systems work and do not know when something has happened - it is quite serious. Government cannot protect everyone's systems but what it can offer is guidance and training," she added.