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Apple iPhone 4 Stock Still Tight Across UK

Stock levels of the iPhone 4 smartphones are quasi non-existent in the channel according to several reports from customers, staff and the specialised press, making Apple's statement that the "iPhone 4 is here", slightly out of place.

Apple still has a shipping period of three weeks for both iPhone 4 models and has yet to announce when the white version will go on sale. Staff at its flagship store in London's Regent street told the Inquirer that "if it has none then the company's other UK retail outlets will not have any either".

It seems that each and every iPhone 4 that lands in the country is currently being allocated to existing customers and those who are already on a contract with the likes of O2 or Vodafone and looking to upgrade straight away.

O2 has set up an iPhone 4 stock locator which is updated every two hours and as expected most O2 shops are out of stock on the new iPhone 4. The mobile phone operator has already said that the phone will not be available on its online shop until further notice.

This It hasn't however prevented some retailers from claiming that they have the iPhone 4 in stock and luring customers before telling them unashamedly that they would have to wait until it actually lands in store.