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Horseboy Back On Track On Google Streetview

Internet Meme Horseboy has reappeared on Google Streetview although it may well be a copycat because no one knows his exact identity.

Channel 4 claimed to have tracked down the "shady equine figure" has it calls Horseboy and managed to get an exclusive interview from it/him.

Horseboy, whose "real" name is Dobbin Horsome, did not play in the eponymous 2009 movie "The Horse Boy" but has been seen a lot on Youtube videos lately.

He claims to be a business analyst before rather than anything else and said that his Street View appearance was due to pure "luck and blatant opportunism".

Another picture of a horseman who has been spotted on Hazledene Road in Aberdeen next to a schoolgirl.

Some believe that this may just be another viral marketing campaign for a company (horse food maybe?) while others note that the horse masks are readily available even on Ebay and that it seems to be pretty common sight at some popular regional events.

And it won't come as a surprise to see that over the last thirty days, the amount of people online looking for horseboy surged to 15 times their usual amount according to Google Trends. Horseboy's success can be attributed to a BBC News report from last month.