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No Google Nexus Two Phone Says Eric Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has revealed that there will no follow up to the Google Nexus One, the first consumer product that the search engine giant launched earlier this year and possibly their only one for a foreseeable future.

Curiously, Schmidt says that's because the phone has been so successful that they didn't have to have a second one he told the Telegraph (opens in new tab), a statement that leads John Paczkowski of Allthingsd (opens in new tab) to say that Eric Schmidt has his own reality distortion field, just like another famous CEO, Steve Jobs of Apple.

Schmidt added that he told the board at Google that the Nexus One worked before adding "Congratulations - we're stopping. We like that flexibility, we think that flexibility is characteristic of nimbleness at our scale."

Products do not have a follow up or sequel when they perform poorly with the Microsoft Kin being the most recent example; conversely, when products are very popular, they tend to have one or more sequels. The iPod, now in its eighth generation, is the most telling example.

One thing that the Google Nexus One did achieve was kickstarting the then moribund Android segment. It help generate more buzz than any phones before (apart from the iPhone) and it has tremendously helped partners like HTC or Motorola convince networks that Android is here to stay.

Désiré Athow

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