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Opera 10.60 Web Browser Released

Opera has made its Opera 10.60 web browser available for download, the company has announced.

The company has said that the new browser will have enhanced security, improved features and greater stability.

The Opera 10.60 web browser comes with advanced web technology including geo-location features, allowing users to share their location whilst browsing.

Opera has also provided native support for the webM video format and offline applications, allowing users to use web-based applications when offline.

The company has claimed that the new browser is almost 50 per cent faster than its predecessor, which benchmark tests showed to be the fastest browser available.

The press release stated: "With the final version of Opera 10.60, the browser scores more than 50 percent faster than its predecessor – which was the fastest browser on Earth – in key benchmark tests. This translates into a faster browsing experience for users on modern JavaScript-heavy sites such as Gmail and Facebook."

Opera 10.60 has improved mouse gestures to reduce the time a user spends navigating between features.

Opera has also added Microsoft's Bing search engine to the list of in-browser search functions offered by the browser.

The new browser can be downloaded here.