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Lady Gaga becomes Queen of Facebook

And so popstress Lady Gaga has gone and got herself into the Facebook , er, book of fame having amassed more than 10 million followers (likers) on the asocial notwanking site. Apparently she's the first 'musician' to have done so while still alive. Michael Jackon doesn't count as he's brown(ish) bread.

Gaga has more followers than President Barack Obama, according to this chart, which equates fame with how well you're doing on Farcebook and Twitter.

Gaga is less famous than Texas Hold'em Poker, that popular pocket filleter from a couple of centuries back, although old Tex loses out in the overall rankings by not being popular enough on YouTube and Twatter despite having twice the FaceBook following as la Gaga.

Gaga was also the first still-breathing pop yowler to notch up a billion YouTube views. Again she was beaten to that particular accolade by Michael Jackson.

Dying always was good for a pop career. Just look what happened to Mozart.

Lady Gaga is 94.