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BBC Angers "Facebook Saddos"

The BBC has accidentally uploaded an unfinished 2012 Olympics microsite, which has labelled Facebook users as 'Saddos'.

The Media Blog reports that now altered 'Follow Us' section on the microsite prompted users to either follow BBC on Twitter or become a "Facebook Saddo".

The page has angered scores of Facebook users who now question the BBC's claim that the corporation is ready to embrace social media.

The microsite also contained an image of the Queen, but labelled the picture as a Pakistani Hockey player.

The Media Blog hints that despite the BBC's attempts to encourage employees to adopt the social networking platform, there is still a force within the BBC that does not respect the audience they are trying to appeal to.

Ben Gallop, the head of BBC Sports Interactive apologised for the insult caused by the microsite on Media Blog's comments section and expressed his surprise over how a test page came to be published in the first place.