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Google Fixes Chrome 5 Vulnerabilities

Search giant Google has released security patches for the stable version of its Chrome web browser.

The company has also updated the interface of the developer version of the browser.

Google Chrome stable 5.0.375.99 comes with patches for four "high"-rated vulnerabilities related to memory corruption, and also addresses a flaw in the iFrame sandbox tool.

The company also patched four security vulnerabilities related to modal dialogue crashes, print dialogue annoyances, invalid image crashes and a WebGL error.

Google has awarded a cash prize to the security groups who discovered the vulnerabilities addressed by the update, as part of its Chromium Security Reward programme.

Security news web site The H reports that the four high-rated vulnerabilities were discovered by Team 505 and the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG), with the discoverers being awarded between $500 and $1000.

Google Chrome dev 6.0.453.1 has an enhanced web browser interface, adding page control options to the customisation menu in order to make room for an extra extension icon on the toolbar.

Other minor enhancements include the ability to preview images while dragging them, as well as improvements to the appearance of the cut, copy and paste options.