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Google Voice Fans Petition For Desktop Client

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have shelved plans to release a desktop of the Google Voice VoIP client, prompting users to petition the company for its release.

The company has apparently dropped the desktop version for a new, browser-based VoIP client.

Google fans have started an online petition, asking Google to release a desktop version of the VoIP client.

The website,, is looking to gain support from at least 500,000 Google users to prove to the company that a possible desktop client will be in demand.

The petition reads: “We have asked, begged, and pleaded for a desktop VoIP application. We have heard news of said application and then sadly heard news of this application possibly being dropped for your "to-do list"”

The Google Voice VoIP application was to be released by the search engine to compete with Skype, which currently has over 500 million users worldwide.

Earlier, TechCrunch had posted a video of the Google Voice Desktop client for Mac.

The client had been a revamped version of the VoIP client Gizmo5 that Google had recently acquired.