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HP To Develop WebOS Tablet

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will be developing a number of new mobile devices based on the WebOS it acquired after purchasing Palm.

HP and Microsoft had previously showcased a jointly developed tablet device, the Slate, which had been created to compete with Apple's iPad. The project was abandoned after receiving a poor reception, with critics accusing HP of simply having installed Windows 7 on a tablet device.

HP now plans to invest resources in Palm's webOS to create a specially designed mobile operating system.

HP aims to create a unified cloud-based environment accessible from a range of mobile devices that the company plans to release.

PC World reports that the WebOS-based tablet will come with features not offered by Apple's device, including USB ports and Flash support.

It is also speculated that HP will be able to offer close integration with Microsoft servers and desktop applications to users, due to its close ties with the software maker.