Intel To Debut New Desktop Processors Within Weeks

Semiconductor giant Intel is set to launch a slew of new desktop processors over the next few weeks as part of a massive range refresh that could see the introduction of seven new processors.

According to Digitimes, the first batch will be made up of three processors, the Core i7-970, which runs at 3.2GHz, comes with six cores with 2MB L2 cache each and should be priced at around $885.

The other processor, a Core i5-760 with two cores, runs at 2.9GHz and costs $205 while the third one will be a lower powered Core i5-870s with a selling price of $351. Further models to be introduced in August include two Pentium and a Celeron models and a Core i3 one.

Simultaneously, Intel will be dropping its prices across several models with the most significant cut being a 47 percent discount on the Core i7-950 to come in August, from $562 to $294.

That model runs at 3.06GHz and comes with six cores which makes it and ideal substitute for the Core i7-970 which costs nearly three times more.

So why would Intel apply such drastic cuts to some processors and introduce half a dozen others? Well, maybe the processor behemoth knows something about archrival AMD that we don't.