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iPhone gay cruising App straightens up

When celebrity homosexualist, Apple evangelist and national treasure Stephen Fry announced on an episode of Top Gear that he was a fan of Grindr, the iPhone App's fate was all-but sealed.

Grindr, which is a cruising application for those of a man-love disposition, allowed a chap to go out and find another chap who might be into a bit of Brokeback Mountain style jiggery pokery without going to all the nonsense of having to frequent a gay bar and go through all of that unnecessary 'chatting people up' rigmarole.

Fry's on-screen recommendation did wonders for the App's profile and pretty soon 700,000 men in 162 countries were consulting Grindr when it came to getting their jollies.

Now it seems that the App's creator, 33-year-old American Joel Simkhal, wants to spread the love with a version for hetrosexualists looking for a bit of casual ugly-bumping action.

The App allows registered users to find people nearby, in a bar, or a park, or a public toilet, who would like to get to know a complete stranger a bit better. The software displays profile details and 10 year-old pictures (probably) of the potential sexual partner, and tells you where they are in the world using GPS signals and satellite geolocation.

We reckon it'll sell by the bucketload to thousands of desperate middle-aged men, who will be seen rotating in ever-increasing swarms around the one female in a 100 mile radius who uses the App.

It all sounds a bit creepy to us. We'll be sticking to our, "Get yer coat love... you've pulled," line.