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LG to launch Android tablet this year

South Korean maker of most things digital, LG Electronics, has said to will deliver an Android-powered tablet device before the year is out.

Most electronics firms hurriedly scribbled 'tablet computer' on their roadmaps for this year, but most have yet to dliver one. Apple's own iPad flogged a few million units on the back of the, um, excitement created by its launch but as yet no-one else has managed to make much of dent in the market.

LG will join fellow chaebol Samsung at the tablet-taking table. Samsung has a device named 'Galaxy' lined up for Q3.

Beyond saying it will make a tablet and that it will run Android, LG offered up no other details for us excited scribes to reguritate.

The outfit, which is also big on phones, did say it has a Windows handset on its roadmap for this year.

They might call it Kin, although that would be a 'kin daft idea.