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LG unveils mobile device range

Korean electronics giant Lucky Goldstar has launched a new category of phones and devices under the title

of Optimus, running various operating systems that include Google’s mobile OS and also Windows Mobile. Optimus will be LG’s new range of mobile devices, which consists of 10 products and even a tablet computer.

The first of the series of devices was announced at the end of April, where the touch screen LG Optimus GT540 arrived as their second Android handset. Joining that mobile are the LG Optimus One and LG Optimus Chic, which will tip up running the latest version of Google mobile OS 2.2 during the second half of the year.

LG has little details to offer on the exact specifications of the range at present, other than a few images. However, the main Korean website for the company has noted the products will range from the entry level to premium models, with Windows Mobile 7 handsets and an Android tablet in Q4.

LG’s Android tablet has even been noted to be “thinner and lighter than competing devices”, according to the company themselves. LG goes on to state the product will deliver “vastly superior performance” than other similar devices, although no specifications have been made available at this stage.

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