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News@10: LG Application Store, No Google Nexus Two & iTunes App Store Hacked

LG has launched an online application store aimed not only at smartphone users, but owners of feature phones too. The newly launched LG Application Store currently has just over 3,000 applications catering to all mobile phones.

Social networking giant Facebook has updated the Photos feature on the platform, adding face detection technology to the photo tagging feature. The update is designed to improve the tagging feature by employing the face recognition technology used in digital cameras to recognise the people in users' photos.

Apple has announced that the iPhone 4 antenna issue is software related. In a letter addressed to iPhone 4 users, Apple has explained that the algorithm used by the company to display signal bars was wrong, and has been since the release of the first iPhone.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has revealed that there will no follow up to the Google Nexus One, the first consumer product that the search engine giant launched earlier this year and possibly their only one for a foreseeable future.

Apple's iTunes App Store has been hit by a wave of fraudulent purchases, as many users report suspicious activity from their iTunes account.