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News@5: LG Android tablet, Flash For iPad & Gamers Prefer Discs To Downloads

Korean manufacturer LG Electronics will apparently debut an Android-based tablet by the end of the year, following the footsteps of its archrival, Samsung.

Adobe's Flash has been made available to iPad users, thanks to software developer Comex which has created an unofficial workaround that users can install in order to access Flash-based content through the iPad's default Safari web browser.

A recent study conducted by has revealed that Britons waste £800 million every year by choosing unsuitable mobile phone contracts. The study showed that more than half of mobile phone users in Britain don't use all of their free minutes, indicating that they would be better off changing to a tariff that better suited their needs.

Google UK CEO Matt Brittin has claimed that there is still room for another social networking platform to challenge Facebook's dominance, saying that the global social network media market is big enough to accommodate another network.

A survey by Ipos MediaCt has revealed that console gamers prefer to buy discs rather than downloading digital copies of games. The poll showed that as many as 64 per cent - nearly two-thirds - of those surveyed expressed a preference for physical discs over digital copies.