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UK Wastes £800 Million A Year On Wrong Mobile Tariffs

A recent study conducted by online price comparison website has revealed that Britons waste £800 million every year by choosing unsuitable mobile phone contracts.

The study revealed that more than half of mobile phone users in Britain don't use all of their free minutes, indicating that they would be better off changing to a tariff that better suited their needs.

It also showed that almost 8 per cent of mobile phone owners end up paying gargantuan sums for extra mobile top-ups.

Speaking to The Mirror, Alex Buttle of said: “With so many mobile phone deals available, it's no surprise so many people are confused. But it's worrying so many are wasting money every month because they don't change their tariff to match their usage.”

He emphasised that telecoms needed to chart out mobile phone plans based on users' requirements, so that they don't end up paying a lot more than they actually should. explains that consumers can save up to £62 in a single year if they go for the right contract.

The website advised users to go through their previous bills to work out the ideal plan for themselves.