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Wikipedia Downed By Data Centre Failure

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia went down for several hours after suffering from a failure at one of its data centres in the US.

Visitors to the website, ranked among the top ten most visited websites in the world, were greeted by an error message when they tried to access it: "Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties."

The outage, which lasted for several hours, was later explained by the organisation on its technical blog: “Starting at 0:10 UTC on July 5th, the Wikimedia Foundation suffered from intermittent, partial power failures in the internal power network of one of its main data centers in Tampa, Florida.”

Meanwhile, micro-blogging platform Twitter was flooded with users reporting the outage.

Liam Wyatt, vice president of Wikimedia Australia, responded quickly to the Twitter comments, explaining that the outage occurred after one a cooling device failed, causing a server to overheat.

The last time Wikipedia had suffered an outage was in March, caused by the overheating of one of its European data centres.

Softpedia reports that the Wikimedia Foundation is building a new data centre in the US, designed to make it easier to manage fluctuations in website traffic and power outages.