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Will Google Launch Chrome OS Tablet After Nexus One Episode?

We already know that Google doesn't want to get a Nexus Two smartphone out of the stable door and now, Eric Schmidt has confirmed that it is likely that there won't be any tablet PC sold by Google.

Schmidt told the Telegraph that, like for Android phones, it will depend on how well its partners do first and his hunch is that Google won't need to step in to help as it did with the Google Nexus One.

He did confirm that the source is all out there, is on schedule and will happen later this year, before adding that the PC industry is different from the phone industry because its players already work with software (from Microsoft).

Users can already download and compile Chromium OS code here although it takes some expertise (more specifically, knowledge of Linux, in order) to launch it.

As we reported earlier this year, there's already a number of designs currently available on Chromium's website and we've already guesstimated a number of possibilities here.

Ultimately, whether or not Google will launch a tablet equivalent of the Nexus One will depend only on whether its partners manage to deliver a product that conforms to its ethos. Arguably, Android smartphones prior to the Nexus One weren't, which is why Google stepped in.