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160GB Sony PS3 Gaming Console To Cost More Than 250GB Model?

We reported earlier today that Sony will be introducing two new versions of its flagship PS3 gaming console, in white and with 160GB and 320GB hard disk drives respectively; prices starting at 29,980 yen and 34,980 yen respectively.

At an estimated £224 + VAT, the 160GB model would cost more than £263 all inclusive, which is more than the current best deals of £250 (at Gameconnection) and £269 (At Tesco with clubcard points and two free movies).

The 320GB model is expected to cost more than £300 once VAT is added; however, it is likely that Sony will drop its price quite quickly because of its rivalry with the Xbox 360 console. Microsoft has just launched a new, slimmer and sexier 250GB version of the console which brought it in line with the PS3 Slim.

Sony will discontinue the current 120GB and 250GB gaming consoles as soon as the new models are introduced but may face a price conundrum as the new Xbox 360 Slim has already been spotted with a retail price of £190.

The 250GB PS3 Slim console, which was introduced in October last year and has already had a 17 percent price cut down from £299.99.