Apple iPhone 3G Most Recycled Mobile Phone

Data collected by a mobile phone recycling price comparison website show that iPhone 3G users are getting rid of their old handset in order to get some cash to buy the latest iPhone 4 handset.

Sell My Mobile says that the iPhone 3G 8GB, which was released in 2008, can fetch as little as £170 cash through some mobile recycling websites. The 16GB can get you up to £192 and the 3GS 16GB/32GB, an impressive £230 and £282 respectively.

Interestingly, even the iPhone 4G 16GB/32GB and the various flavours of the iPad have proved to be popular sellers. Sell My Mobile cashes on the latest trend that encourages users to sell their extra handsets to get some money and compares prices from 27 different websites.

Still, you may find it a better choice to recycle your phone through Tesco (to get Clubcard points), through a cash converter or Computer Exchange if you fancy getting some credit that you can spend on something else.

Don't forget that you will have to send your phone via recorded delivery in the post to the recycling company first and wait for the cash to come through. Although it is worth checking whether you're not better off selling your phone on Ebay directly.