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Apple Studies iTunes Purchases For Targeted Ads

Apple has started analysing consumer purchasing patterns on its iTunes App Store using the data provided by its iAd mobile advertising platform.

The company aims to serve more targeted adverts to its customers.

According to an article posted on Direct Traffic Media, Apple has begun to build its advertising network by studying consumer spending data and creating effective, targeted adverts for the platform.

Apple's iTunes store has an estimated 150 million users worldwide that download music, books, applications and films from the platform.

Apple can use the vast consumer data in order to determine the behavioural pattern of its users, which then can be used to offer meaningful, targeted advertisement to its users.

In a statement, Rachel Pasqua, the director at iCrossing said: “Apple knows what you’ve downloaded, how much time you spend interacting with applications and knows even what you’ve downloaded, don’t like and deleted.”

Apple's wealth of consumer data will allow it compete against search engine giant Google which currently dominates the mobile advertisement platform.