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BBC News site gets a facelift

In the next few weeks the BBC News web site will get a major face-lift which will make it easier not navigate and share apparently.

Site Editor Steve Herrmann said, "Millions of people use the site every day and there's clearly a lot that's working fine. But having asked users for input and looked at the way the site is working for them, we decided we could improve in some areas."

Among a long lost of design tweaks, the refreshed site will more space for main stories, better use of images and videos ans better ways to share stories with others, including direct links to both Facebook and Twitter.

Herrmann said that the video player would be bigger and better quality but did not indicate whether the BBC would be sticking with Adobe Flash or moving on to HTML5 as its favoured streaming method.

Herrmann also pointed out that a new edition of the news portal aimed at the USA would launch alongside the new design: "If you are in the US or Canada, you will automatically see a North America edition of the BBC News website," he said. "Once the redesigned site goes live. Other international users will continue to see the current international edition.

"The North America edition will still contain all our existing content, including the full range of coverage from the UK, and news from around the world. Our editorial team in the BBC's Washington DC office will tailor the front page of the US edition accordingly, working to provide the most relevant and timely news and analysis for users in North America."

Te BBC has also completely redesigned the content production system which journalists use to add content to the site which Herrmann says will allow hacks to get the news live on the site much faster.