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BBC News Website Previewed Amidst "Saddos" Cockup

BBC's website felt the full force of media scrutiny and critics and came under fire today after having called Facebook users as "Saddos"; the text as well as the social networking buttons that accompany it have been removed indefinitely.

The BBC apologised but the cockup overshadowed another significant event, the first picture of BBC's updated news section with some very significant improvements.

BBC's news website editor, Steve Herrmann, says that the changes are the biggest rethink of the design of the site for more than seven years. Perhaps the biggest single feature is the introduction of a login feature where users can actually become BBC members.

The Guardian distills in the news organisation across the website. More space for the news, immediacy push, Facebook integration, Bigger and better video, story pages and clearer labelling. The site's navigation structure has also been substantially changed.

Staff working on the BBC news website have already working on the content management system and Herrmann says that this will "speed up" the publishing process.

In our opinion, the new BBC website will set the standards for other news websites worldwide.