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Blinged up iPhone solves death grip problem

The two biggest issues with the iPhone 4 launch were shonky reception and the lack of a white variant 'for the ladies'.

Apple has sworn blind that gripping the latest iteration of the Holy Handset in the wrong way has nothing to do with dropped carrier bars, much to the amusement of everyone who doesn't own an iPhone 4.

And white versions of the slick little engineering marvel are rarer than rocking horse poo, apparently because Apple's manufacturing partners can't make them up to the Cupertino company's legendary quality thresholds.

But now gadget blingification maestro Stuart Hughes has come up with a solution to both of these prickly problems. A white iPhone 4 encrusted with 6.5 carats of diamonds, and with a solid platinum Apple logo gracing the rear.

The diamonds cover the hot spot on the handsets ring of steel antennas so should solve the shorting issue (but don't come crying to us if you shell out the cash and still get dropped calls. You'll only have yourself to blame).

There will only be 50 of these things made, so you'd better get in the queue behind D Piddly or Puff Doddery or whatever his name is this week.

Oh... and bring a bag stuffed with $20,000.

If you're really stupid and simply must have a white iPhone 4, you could try this do-it-yourself transformation kit which for $229 will replace the black model's display, front and back panels, home button, digitiser and support frames with third-party white ones.

It will also invalidate your warranty, remove the protective cover from the rear-facing camera and break the diffuser from the flash unit. And as you have to fit the whole thing yourself there's no guarantee that you won't end up with the world's most expensive paperweight.