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BT Battles With Brighton Residents Over Broadband Cabinets

BT is facing planning opposition to the installation of broadband cabinets from Brighton and Hove residents, business news website the Argus reports.

BT is currently installing 1.8 metre tall, green broadband cabinets across the UK to ensure maximum number of towns and rural areas can receive a broadband connection by 2015.

Although the local councils have already permitted installation of the fibre-optic broadband cabinets, five conservation societies have claimed that project has not yet had sufficient discussion and consultation.

“We are worried both about the lack of more general consultation and the impact that these monster cabinets could have, both within and outside conservation areas, if they are simply installed wherever Openreach finds most convenient,” said a local resident in an open statement.

According to a BT spokesperson, the organisation is open to work with concerned residents and conservation groups to make sure that impact of the new technology is reduced to minimum.

The spokesperson said: "We are committed to working with local authorities to minimise the visual impact of the new street cabinets, and have done this successfully in other conservation areas."