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EU Caps Smartphone Data roaming Charges

New European Union (EU) regulation will see mobile phone bills capped to €50 (£41), when using data whilst roaming, Tech Watch has reported.

The EU, in a similar move to the United States, has decided to cap roaming charges to €50 per month for smartphone users travelling across Europe.

In a statement, mobile expert Ceri Stanaway said: "The EU's €50 data roaming cap will provide a safety net for mobile users who might otherwise be caught out by the high cost of using the mobile internet on holiday."

The regulation will make it necessary for the network provider company to issue an alert when users are near to their credit limit and will help to prevent users from receiving "bill shocks" when returning from holiday.

Neelie Kroes, EU Commission vice president for the Digital Agenda, said: "There will be no more bill shocks for tourists or business travellers surfing the internet with smart phones or laptops while in another EU country. The EU is also cutting the cost of roaming calls for travellers. I am determined to make the EU's telecoms markets more competitive."