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FCC Opens Logitech Revue Google TV

Working for the FCC must be one of the most exciting jobs especially when you have to break open a yet to be announced product and look at its innards. Which brings us to the Logitech Revue Google TV, whose picture has appeared on the FCC website.

Manufactured by Gigabyte, the box hides an Intel Atom processor clocked at 1.2GHz covered with a heatsink, 4GB RAM, a smallish fan, what appears to be two USB, one Ethernet, SPDIF and HDMI ports. The motherboard is labelled as the GA-SBKAN2 which corresponds to models found in Gigabyte net tops.

As expected, the device doesn't come with any internal expansion slots. Even the memory is soldered onboard and it appears likely that the Atom processor will be in charge of hardware video acceleration for 3D Graphics and HD decoding.

The FCC pictures did not show any remote control or any input peripherals like a wireless keyboard. This could mean that Logitech may well be looking forward to launch a whole range of accessories in due time.