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Google Ordered To Restore Navx Ad Listings

Google has been ordered to restore advertising listings for mapping service Navx by French antitrust regulator Autorite de la Concurrence, the San Francisco Chronicle has reported.

The Mountain View-based Internet giant had suspended its services to leading French mapping service provider Navx ( and eliminated the company from its AdWords internet platform in November last year.

The French competition authority had ordered an investigation into the issue following a complaint by Navx submitted to the French government.

Navx said that after being eliminated from the Adwords platform, the company had suffered from low sales, low capital and low revenue.

The Autorite de la Concurrence said that Google's decision to remove Navx from the platform "brutally and profoundly affected the revenues" of the company.

“Google holds a dominant position on the advertising market related to online searches. Its search engine enjoys a wide popularity and currently totals around 90 percent of the Web searches made in France,” said the regulator on Wednesday.

The authority has ordered Google to immediately offer its services to Navx.