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HP Lays Off Palm Employees

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has laid off a number of Palm employees following its acquisition of the company.

All Things D reports that there have been "double digit" cuts to the number of Palm employees.

In a statement, an HP spokesperson said: “Part of the integration strategy is consolidation of functions and operations, as appropriate. There always is turnover in organizations. Palm employees overall are enthusiastic about having the financial stability and global scale necessary to complete their vision.”

With the acquisition of Palm completed, HP will now look to develop new products for the mobile device market, using the WebOS software it acquired after purchasing Palm.

HP has announced that it will developing a new WebOS-based tablet device to compete with Apple's iPad in the tablet computer market.

The tablet is expected to have a number of features not seen on the iPad, including including USB ports and Flash support.

It is also expected to offer good integration with Microsoft servers and desktop applications thanks to HP's close ties with the software giant.