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HTC Desire's Popularity Unaffected By iPhone 4 Release

HTC's Android-based smartphone, the HTC Desire, will not be affected by the release of Apple's iPhone 4 device, Rudefox reports.

Experts believe that the HTC Desire is preferred by people who want to own an iPhone like smartphone that comes with a low price tag and similar features.

Most of all, in countries where the Apple iPhone is not available, consumers are opting for the Desire after being advised by friends and families who have used the device.

In order to continue to remain immune from iPhone 4 popularity, UK network provider T-Mobile, has decided to slash the price of the device.

Users will now be able to purchase the smartphone for £30 per month, down from £35 per month, on a two year contract. The contract comes with 600 free minutes and unlimited texts messaging and internet browsing.

Even though the HTC Desire is behind iPhone 4 in specs, it is not that far behind, and being so much cheaper than Apple's device, experts speculate that the Desire's will continue to be high.