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iPad To Get Pressure Sensitive Drawing App

Ten One Design has developed a pressure sensitive drawing application for Apple's iPad tablet device, T3 has reported.

Even though the tablet does not come with pressure sensitive capabilities, the design firm has managed to create the effect by using special software and a capacitive stylus.

The company has refused to release further details of the application until Apple has approved it, but experts believe that to achieve pressure sensitivity the stylus will come with an expandable softened tip that responds to pressure levels.

Ten One Design also revealed that the software comes with 'Palm Rejection' technology, which will protect the drawings from the accidental brush of hand or other objects.

The developers said that it would distribute the software code to other developers so that they could use the technology to come up with more revolutionary applications for the platform.

It remains to seen whether Apple, which is known to reject applications without any reason, approves the application or not.