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iPhone 3G Is UK's Most Recycled Phone

According to a report recently published by, Apple's iPhone 3G is the most recycled phone in the UK market.

The report, which was compiled using data from phone recycling firms Mazuma, Mobile Phone Change and Sky Phones, suggested that the most recycled handsets in the UK were iPhone 3G 8GB, iPhone 3G 16GB and the iPhone 3GS 16GB model.

The rise in the number of recycled iPhone 3G and 3GS models is being credited to the fact that UK customers have been rushing to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 since the launch of the device on 24 June.

The study showed that Nokia's 5800 Xpress Music and the Blackberry Curve 8900 were the UK's forth and fifth most recycled phones respectively.

The website stated that the average price of mobile handsets sold online in the UK in the month of June was £77.75.

The report also said that users lost £76 on an average by not comparing sale prices to the prices offered by the phone recycling companies.