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iTunes 'App Farm' Scams Customers

Many Apple iTunes App Store customers were left stunned after they found that their account had been hacked and cash credits were used to purchase applications, The Next Web has reported.

Earlier, it had seemed that scammers used the hacked iTunes accounts to artificially inflate the popularity of the applications, but The Next Web now claims that the problem is more widespread than initially thought, suggesting that the iTunes App Store is infested with 'App Farms', designed to trick users out of their money.

App firm Thuat Nguyen has a total of 42 apps in the store, of which 41 are related to eBooks and are featured in the list of top 50 bestselling applications on the platform.

It is now being suggested that the developer hacked into iTunes accounts to purchase its own applications.

Apple has since removed all applications belonging to the developer from the iTunes store.

The blog advises users to check their iTunes account and contact Apple or their bank if they find applications that have not been personally purchased by them.

Users were also advised to change their account passwords in order to prevent further incidents.