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Microsoft Advises Windows XP SP 2 Users To Upgrade

Microsoft has advised users with PCs running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 to upgrade their systems before the company ends it support.

Microsoft has decided to end support for Windows XP SP2 from 13 July.

The company has advised users to upgrade their systems to Windows XP Service Pack 3, which Microsoft has said it will continue to support until April 2014, or the recently launched Windows 7 OS.

Microsoft had launched Windows XP back in 2001 and since then, the OS has become the most widely used computer operating system in world, accounting for 62 per cent of all computers accessing the internet world wide

Computers running the software after this date will no longer receive security updates or support from Microsoft.

In a statement, Windows product manager at Microsoft UK, Julie-Ann Muir, said: “Customers that are on Service Pack 2 should be making a decision around whether they go with Service Pack 3, do they look at Windows 7, or do they do nothing and choose to stay exactly where they are.”