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Microsoft laughs at Activision's PC games support

Jokers in Microsoft's Games for Windows wing have laughed off Activision's claims that it's supporting PC gaming, likening the games publisher's comments to an April fool's gag.

A post on the Games for Windows verified Twitter account went up a few hours ago, linking to a story quoting Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's recent comments about getting PCs connected to TVs. However, it was appended by a sarky remark reading: "Acti supports PC gaming? Is it April already?"

Kotick had stated that Activision will "aggressively" support industry-wide efforts to connect PCs to TVs, in an effort to create easy-to-use gaming PCs that could rival consoles. Without the tie to a subscription service such as Microsoft Live, Kotick argued that Activision could then offer its own multiplayer and online services.

He also claimed Activision didn't see any of the subscription fee from Live, even though 60 per cent of Live's subscribers "are principally on Live because of Call of Duty." Kotick recently also claimed that 70 per cent of Activision's profit came from PC games, rather than consoles, with a large amount of money coming from the World of Warcraft franchise.

Of course, those of us who can spot irony would also point out that Microsoft hasn't done its best for PC gaming recently either.

As well as creating its own competing Xbox range of consoles, the software developer also created a load of problems for dual-GPU drivers when it first released Windows Vista. Plus, Microsoft also delayed the release of the PC version of Halo 2 for nearly three years after the Xbox version's release, and Fable 2 never made it to the PC either.