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New Apple TV Device To Offer Hulu & Netflix Integration

A new, updated Apple TV might be in the pipeline as the Cupertino-based company looks forward to annihilate the threat of Google TV as the battle for the control of the mobile market makes way for the war of the lounges.

Long considered as a hobby product for Apple, the new Apple TV may come with a customised version of iOS4, the same OS as the iPhone 4 and would be the fourth device to be powered by the mobile platform (after the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad).

Sources confirmed to the New York Times that Apple has been actively recruiting staff with experience in broadcast design and may also include a new cloud-based iTunes service plus a completely new "redesigned" interface.

Some sources are also saying that the new Apple TV could also bring tighter integration with online video streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, both of which are currently only available to US customers. Should Apple TV adopt iOS4, this may be done through the App store itself.

Apple will not only be facing Google TV but gaming consoles like the PS3 or the Xbox 360 which can both stream online and VOD content, as well as smarter set top boxes from TiVO or Cisco for example