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News@10: iPhone 4 Review, eBay Shill Bidding & Microsoft Cracks Down On Pirates

Software giant Microsoft has said that Xbox Arcade games will be ported to its upcoming Windows Phone 7 using the XNA framework. The XNA framework is used to develop Xbox Arcade games.

A UK court has fined a man £5,000 for 'shill bidding' - artificially inflating the prices of the products he put up for auction - on online retail service eBay. Paul Barrett drove up prices by bidding on his own ebay auctions using two accounts he created using the same IP address and contact details.

Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two mobile handsets have been remembered in an online memorial following the company's decision to pull the plug on the smartphone after poor sales.

Microsoft has cracked down on 25 UK-based computer firms selling PCs running on pirated versions of Windows. The company had hired investigators to catch firms that were illegally installing pirated versions of Windows onto computers and selling them to customers.

We review Apple's new offering to the world, the iPhone 4, looking at its design, Retina display, both cameras,new features and its performance as a smartphone.