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News@5: BBC Apologises, Steve Jobs' e-mails & "Unprecedented Demand" For The New Xbox 360

The e-mail exchange between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and an irritated iPhone 4 user, pronounced fake by Apple's PR team, is in fact real, tech blog Boy Genius Report claims.

Microsoft has claimed that there is huge demand for its new Xbox 360 slim games console. The company has claimed that it has been receiving excellent feedback from retailers, who have said that the console was experiencing "unprecedented demand".

The BBC has apologised for referring to users of the world’s leading social networking website Facebook as "Saddos". The Beeb had accidentally uploaded an unfinished 2012 Olympics microsite prompting users to follow the BBC on Twitter or become a "Facebook saddo".

Many Apple iTunes App Store customers were left stunned after they found that their account had been hacked and cash credits were used to purchase applications.

According to a report recently published by, Apple's iPhone 3G is the most recycled phone in the UK market. The report compiled data from phone recycling firms Mazuma, Mobile Phone Change and Sky Phones.