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Old iPhones clog up second-hand shops

Older iPhones are flooding the second-hand market as those folk who feel they simply must have the latest version are dumping the perfectly decent ones they already had in a clamour to get their right hands wrapped around a device that looks even nicer than their old one - even if it may not work as well

eBay is bulging at the seams with the things while web phone exchange outfit Sell My Mobile has the Apple gizmos in its top three "most popular" spots. Ther you can pick up an 8Mb 3G model for £170.

The firm says the 8GB iPhone 3G was the most recycled handset in the UK last month, but it also has the 16GB 3G and16GB iPhone 3Gs in its top three.

Apple reckoned it sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s in its first three days on sale. Most of these went to doughnuts who had to pawn their missus' soiled underwear to be able to afford their third phone in under two years.

The big loser here is the environment, of course, as many of these gadgets will eventually end up in landfill of Chinese back garden where poorer folk than us will attempt to extract rare metals from their casings.