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Oracle's Acquisition Of Sun Challenged By MySQL Founder

MySQL co-founder Monty Widenius has filed an appeal against the European Commission's decision to allow software maker Oracle to go ahead with the $7 billion Sun Microsystems acquisition.

Widenius, who had sold his share of MySQL to Sun in 2008, had appealed against the takeover bid made by Oracle last year to the EC, slowing the acquisition process.

Citing anti-trust concerns, Widenius had claimed that Oracle, as a rival of Sun Microsystems, would endanger the future prospects of open source MySQL database.

Oracle had managed to get approval for the take over after convincing the EC that the company would ensure MySQL's continued growth.

The Register reports that Widenius will give a detailed statement concerning the appeal after receiving an Oracle response.

A spokesperson for the European Commission has informed The Financial Times that Widenius has filed an appeal in the European courts in Luxembourg and that the EC was prepared to defend its decision.