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Sony To Upgrade PS3 Slim With New Hard Disk

Japanese electronics giant Sony will release new versions of its flagship gaming console, the PS3, in Japan later this month with a white version and new hard disk capacities making the headlines.

120GB and 250GB models will be discontinued and replaced by 160GB and 320GB models respectively. The smaller model will cost around 30,000 yen while the bigger one adds 5,000 yen.

The console will also come with an optional terrestrial digital recorder pack, which brings PVR capabilities to the gaming console.

Sony has yet to say when the gaming console will be released in other territories. Some observers have expressed concerns over the rise in the suggested retail price of the consoles, which goes up to $341 and $398 respectively.

Given how easy it is to upgrade the hard disk drive and how cheap these can be (a 500GB model can be had for less than £50), it is likely that stocks of 120GB and 250GB models will be snapped quickly and upgraded.

This minor improvement might also be geared at keeping Microsoft at bay. Sony's archrival has just released a new 250GB Xbox 360 Slim and is set to release its first motion controller, the Kinect, in November this year.

Pricing and availability for UK and the rest of the world have yet to be announced and we'll keep you informed as soon as we've got more details.

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