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Steve Jobs E-Mails "Are Real" Claims Blog

The e-mail exchange between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and an irritated iPhone 4 user, pronounced fake by Apple's PR team, is in fact real, tech blog Boy Genius Report (opens in new tab) claims.

BGR had earlier posted (opens in new tab) screenshots and a detailed write-up of an e-mail conversation said to have taken place between Steve Jobs and iPhone 4 user Jason Burford, using 'Tom' as his screen name.

During the e-mail exchange, Steve Jobs had asked Jason to "relax" and not to get "worked-up" over rumours, referring to the iPhone 4 antenna and reception issues.

As soon the report was published, Apple's PR team released a statement claiming the e-mail conversation to be a fabrication.

BGR has now refuted the claims made by Apple's PR team and reported that a thorough examination of e-mail headers by "independent tech guys" had confirmed that the e-mails came from Steve Jobs' official Apple e-mail account.

It is still not clear whether Steve Jobs or a member of Apple's PR team sent the e-mails, but BGR maintain that e-mails were definitely sent by Apple. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.